Saturday, August 6, 2016

Coral Heaven @ Route 66 Marine

We have just received 3 coral shipments this past week. As summer starts to unwind our suppliers are just starting to ramp up production. This is the best time for divers to collect corals as it is their winter. We had some beautiful Zoanthids, Bubble Coral, Welsoophyllia and Euphyllia arrive from Indonesia.

Our 2 Australian Corals shipments brought us some amazing Strawberry Shortcake Acropora among many more stunners like Prostrata, Horrida, Echinata and Spathulata. The Inferno Goniopora, Red Goniopora, Rainbow Acan, Ultra Lobophyllia, Neon Elegance Coral are just a few highlighted items of the more than 750 we brought in.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Bali Coral Shipment

We received an amazing Indonesian coral shipment that we exported from different islands like Banyuwagi, Sulawesi and Timor. The green Glove polyps they sent us are the big leaf metallic ones you see from the Solomon Islands. They sent us beautiful Blastomussa, Euphyllia, Zoanthids and so much more. We receive stunning shipments almost every week. Route 66 Marine Coral Wholesale supplies legitimate merchants. For hobbyists interested in our product, please contact us and we will refer you to stores who carry our product throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Australian LPS Arrival

We had 2 amazing LPS coral shipments arrive from Australia this past Friday April 1. If you are looking for Australian and Indonesian Coral at wholesale prices, please contact us. We are located 7 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport. We import at least 2-3 shipments of corals every week and have anywhere from 2000-3000 corals on hand at all times.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Bali Live Rock & More

We just landed 2 insane shipments corals from Australia and Indonesia. The Baddabing and Cherry Blossom Acropora are stunning along with a huge assortment of LPS Corals. Gold Torch and Trachyphyllia also highlighted this shipment from Down Under. Indonesia did not disappoint either with some spectacular Blue Hornet Zoanthids and Ultra Blastomussa. Tuesday we have a 700pc Coral shipment aside from the 933 pcs we just brought in. Be ready for that Ultra Bali Live Rock that resembles the Marshall Island Live Rock from back in the day. The quality is heating up once again!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hot Aussie Acropora Just In!

We received some incredible Australian Acropora with your favorites like Strawberry Shortcake Acropora, Acropoa Echinata, Red Tables, Strawberry Lemonade & more. We also received about 900 corals from Indonesia with some stunning Zoanthids, Palythoa's and Torch corals to name a few. Lastly we had some "Inferno" Rose Bubble Tip Anemone's come in too. 3 ore shipments scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday. We are just getting warm too :-)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Corals On Demand

Beautiful specimens uploaded to Corals On Demand today with many pieces from previous weeks also available. We received a shipment of Indonesian Corals this past Saturday with much more on the way. We are working on 3 more Australian Coral shipments and another 1-2 Indonesian Coral shipments.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brand NEW Indo Shipment Has Arrived!

This weekend we have brought in a killer Indonesian coral shipment, focusing on corals that are great sellers due to their unique colors and hardiness! It's important to bring product into your store that can impress the eyes of an expert hobbyist while still being hardy enough for the beginner. Whether it be an awesome wellsophyllia or a unique zoanthid colony, our Indonesian corals are where it's at!
Along with these Indonesian corals, we have a killer Australian acropora shipment arriving on Tuesday. We are expecting some unique pieces and out of this world color combinations so be sure to keep your eye out for what comes in. Whether you want to frag them or sell as colonies, our Australian acropora is perfect for you.

This week we might have more shipments arriving aside from the ones listed above, so stay tuned and be in contact with your sales rep to ensure you are kept in the loop!

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures and updates!

Corals on Demand will be ready to roll this Monday morning at 7am (PST)