Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brand NEW Indo Shipment Has Arrived!

This weekend we have brought in a killer Indonesian coral shipment, focusing on corals that are great sellers due to their unique colors and hardiness! It's important to bring product into your store that can impress the eyes of an expert hobbyist while still being hardy enough for the beginner. Whether it be an awesome wellsophyllia or a unique zoanthid colony, our Indonesian corals are where it's at!
Along with these Indonesian corals, we have a killer Australian acropora shipment arriving on Tuesday. We are expecting some unique pieces and out of this world color combinations so be sure to keep your eye out for what comes in. Whether you want to frag them or sell as colonies, our Australian acropora is perfect for you.

This week we might have more shipments arriving aside from the ones listed above, so stay tuned and be in contact with your sales rep to ensure you are kept in the loop!

Also keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures and updates!

Corals on Demand will be ready to roll this Monday morning at 7am (PST)

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