Sunday, July 6, 2014

Corals On Demand 7am (PST)

The fireworks are still going off here at Route 66 Marine as we have a fully loaded warehouse full of hot corals ranging from Ultra Acropora from Australia to some hot Blastomussa from Indonesia. There are a lot more corals here than what you see in the pictures here, so inquire with your Sales Representative what you might be looking for.

Speaking of pictures, the corals you see in the gallery are the exact pieces you will see on our "Corals On Demand" page where you can order them directly from our website. Be ready at 7am (PST) as we enable the page for everyone to get a fair shot at a couple of hot pieces for their store.

Corals On Demand feature has been a great hit. We are working on fine tuning it to be even better so stay tuned. We have a shipment of Indonesian Corals arriving on Tuesday. Don't forget to start stocking up now as Ramadan approaches, it will be tough to get corals and fish from Indonesia from July21st - August 15th.

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