Monday, May 11, 2015

Were under attack! There's hot corals EVERYWHERE!

We received two killer shipments this weekend, one being an Aussie acropora shipment and the other being a branching hammer shipment. Both of these included some absolute stunners that would look great in your display tank. It's important not to neglect any part of the hobby, so having a well rounded sps selection is crucial to success. Along with that, euphyllias are a staple in almost all hobbyist tanks, so what better then the always reliable and never dull branching hammers we just got in.

The encore to our great weekend, is our big clam shipment arriving on Monday. We will be bringing in maxima, crocea, and derasa clams of all sizes! Stay tuned for more possible shipments as well.
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Corals on Demand will be ready to roll this Monday morning at 7am (PST)

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